Penggunaan Media Musik yang Berlirik dalam Meningkatkan Kemampuan Menulis Cerpen


Luluk Priyanti, M. Hum

5. Luluk

Akademi Manajemen Administrasi Yogyakarta
Alamat Korespondensi: Jl. Pramuka No.70, Giwangan, Umbulharjo, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55161


The research was done based on their result of preliminary observations which indicated that students felt (1) the difficulty to find ideas, (2) difficulty in determining the themes that will be written on; (3) difficulty in expressing ideas; (4) confused how to start and end a short story, (5) limited time to write a short story and (6) the need for the medium of learning in writing. This classroom action research employed a model of Kemmis and Taggart with the steps of planning, execution, action, observation, reflection, revision and evaluation, in each cycle. The mean score obtained by the students is 62.8 before the action, 72.7 in Cycle 1, 73.3 in Cycle 2, and 79.7 in Cycle 3. Students who score above 70 total 8 (20%) before the action, 26 (65%) in Cycle 1,28 (70%) in Cycle 2, and 39 (97.5%) in Cycle 3.

Keywords: lyriced music medium, to Improve, Writing Ability


Betrayal’s in George Raymond Richard Martin’s A Game of Thrones


Ragil Wayan Saputro, Hilaria Dewi Hapsari, Emilia Tetty Harjani

4. Ragil

Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing LIA Yogyakarta
Alamat Korespondensi: Jl. Lingkar Utara, Pandeansari IV/8, Condongcatur, Depok, Sleman



This research analyzes betrayals in George Raymond Richard Martin’s novel, A Game of Thrones. There are two objectives of the study; first, it is to know what betrayals that occur in A Game of Thrones. Second, it is to find out the effects of betrayal toward the betrayers and the betrayed ones in A Game of Thrones. The researcher uses objective approach to answer the problem statements above. The result of the research shows that there are five betrayals. First, Viserys sells Daenerys, his sister, to Drogo. Second, Eddard has a sexual affair outside of his marriage with Catelyn. Third, Cersei kills Robert, her husband, using poison. Fourth, Cersei captures Eddard, a man that is loyal to Robert, deceptively. Fifth, Petyr deceives Eddard by acting as his ally even though he works for Cersei. There are eleven effects of the betrayal in the novel. First, Daenerys is disappointed that she cannot keep the purity of Targaryen’s bloodline because she marries Drogo. Second, Viserys Targaryen fails to have a pure bloodline because Daenerys marries Drogo. Third, Viserys is dead because Drogo kills him. Fourth, Catelyn is jealous of Jon’s mother because Eddard does not want to send Jon away. Fifth, Catelyn hates Jon Snow because she wishes to have Jon gets sick instead of her son, Bran. Sixth, Eddard brings Jon to Winterfell because he wants to take responsibility of his affair. Seventh, Robert Baratheon is dead because Cersei kills him. Eighth, Eddard Stark is executed publicly because Cersei considers him as a threat against Joffrey. Ninth, Joffrey becomes the next king because Robert Baratheon is dead. Tenth, Eddard Stark is captured by Petyr because Petyr wants Joffrey to take the throne. Eleventh, Petyr can get closer to Catelyn because Eddard is dead.

Key words: betrayal, trust, loyalty, betrayer, betrayed one

Javanese Feudalism as Seen in Pramoedya’s This Earth of Mankind


By Deddy Suprapto 3. Deddy

Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa
Jalan Raya Batu alang, Pernek, Moyo Hulu, Sumbawa, NTB



This paper examines the realization of the badness of feudalism, especially feudalism in Java around the 19th century as seen in a novel by Indonesian author, Pramoedya Ananta Toer (Pram), This Earth of Mankind. Through the fictional figure of a native, Javanese boy, Pram pictures the existence of the Javanese feudalism and Dutch colonialism.

In this paper, the writer focuses the analysis on the realization of the badness of Javanese feudalism by stressing three cases; Language, attitudes/behaviors, and social life that happened in feudal society around 1898. The writer uses sociology approach to know the application of feudalism and the reflection of the social condition. Beside that, the writer also analyzes the relation between the novel and the author.

The analysis shows that people feel suffer from the application of the feudalism. It is proven by many kind of rules such as the obligation to use the certain level of language, bending down and cringing as manifestation in respecting aristocrats and arbitrariness in exploiting women, where women were considered as sexual object only. Those were the reflection of social condition at that time. The analysis also reveals that life experiences of the author have close relation to the novel.

Keywords: feudalism, Javanese feudalism, aristocrat, people

The Comprehension of English Assimilation Processes Among Non-Native Junior High School Students


 Aditya Mega Perdana(1)
Nur Arifah Drajati(2)

Universitas Sebelas Maret
Alamat Korespondensi: Jl. Ir. Sutami No. 36A, Jebres, Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah 57126


This research studies the comprehension of assimilation processes in English. The assimilation processes carries several types which are not always recognized well by Indonesian learners of English. They learn about assimilation processes indirectly through several medias such as internet, movies, songs, and so on. Therefore, they know how they apply assimilation processes in speaking, although they do not understand the types or other examples of assimilation processes. The respondents of this study are Junior High School students. The method which is used in this research is descriptive method. These students are tested using missing words in the form of several questions based on given listening recording. The students fill in the missing words based on the recording. The scores are analyzed to find the most difficult type of assimilation for the students. The result shows that most students have difficulty in understanding one type of assimilation. Therefore, the teaching and introduction of assimilation processes should be conducted more in junior high school level to get better quality of students’ understanding to apply them in real speaking life.

Keywords: assimilation processes, Junior High School students, manners of assimilation

A Translation Case of Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle as Part of World Literature (Ismiati)

1. Ismi



This paper attempts to study the circulation, the translation and the adaptations of Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. The work has got its popularity from its homeland, Japanese circulation. When the work has been translated into English, it gains a worldly fame. Murakami has been invited to many European coutries and US.  When the cut version of the English translation was revealed, the public were shocked.  The translator and the publisher had to explain the process and the agreement before it was published.  Later, the case continued as the German translation was produced after the English version rather than the Japanese version.  We learn that when the original is in Japanese, the English translation version is more preffered.  In Murakami’s case, the German translation had taken the English version as its source text instead of the original Japanese text.  The case then revealed that after the English translation, there are actually two versions circulated in the market, the complete and the cut version of the novel.  These two versions are published in Japanese and for the English version there is only the cut version.  Though these matters has been approved by the author and publisher, the readers are disappointed.  The adaptations of Murakami’s works are found in various medias: such as films, stage-adaptation, music, multimedia stage presentation and videogames.

Keywords:  circulation, translation, adaptation



Sri Endah Setia Rini
Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing LIA Yogyakarta
Alamat Korespondensi: Jl. Lingkar Utara, Pandeansari IV/9, Condongcatur, Depok, Sleman



Musik diyakini dapat membuat pembelajaran lebih mudah diterima karena musik mampu membawa otak ke dalam kondisi relax. Kondisi ini membuat otak maksimal dalam memproses informasi yang diterima sehingga informasi mampu bertahan lebih lama di dalam otak manusia. Hal ini sangat dibutuhkan oleh para pebelajar bahasa terutama bahasa Prancis karena kosakata baru yang mereka peroleh sangat dibutuhkan nantinya untuk dapat mempraktikkan bahasa Prancis dengan baik.

Praktik berbahasa Prancis sangat membutuhkan kosakata yang cukup. Kosakata ini seringkali dilupakan oleh mahasiswa karena kurang maksimalnya informasi tersebut disimpan di dalam memori. Oleh karena itu, penulis ingin meneliti pengaruh music dalam pembelajaran kosakata bahasa Prancis.

Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah metode eksperimental dengan membandingkan dua kelas. Kelas eksperimen diajar menggunakan music latar sedangkan kelas kontrol diajar tanpa menggunakan music latar. Hasil uji kuantitatif menunjukkan bahwa tidak ada perbedaan secara signifikan rata-rata skor kelas control dan kelas eksperimen. Hasil observasi menunjukkan bahwa kelas eksperimen lebih kreatif dan lebih siap saat melaksanakan tugas yang diberikan, sedangkan kelas control cenderung lebih pasif dan kurang kreatif.

Kata kunci: music, relax, bahasa Prancis